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Park Royal Car Wash

Park Royal Car Wash consists of a team of experienced professionals with multiple years of experience in the motor and car wash industries. The staff at Park Royal Car Wash are trained thoroughly by the management, in conjunction with recognised car maintenance brands, to deliver a quality and thorough service everytime you wash your car with us.

In addition to car washing services we offer interior and exterior detailing services, for those customers who want to give their car the best possible appearance inside and outside.

Thanks to the years of experience we have accrued across the M25, we are trusted by a variety of parties, such as supercar owners, ambulance dispatch centres, various car firms and local businesses, and our reputation to deliver quality can be confirmed by the satisfaction of regular and returning customers.

Unlike other car washes, we are open 24 hours a day for 7 days a week. So whether you have come back from a long drive across England, or you are returning a car to someone, we can help you do so at any moment, day or night

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020 7706 9005

Unimix House, 22 Abbey Rd, NW10 7TR, Park Royal

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