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Kia Designs

Here at Kia Designs, we have been running our Interior Design Service for over a decade. Throughout that time we have worked on redesigns of apartments in Fitzrovia through to refurbishments of Estates in Cornwall to new builds in Saudi Arabia and one part of our ethos has become clear. We take our inspiration Our designs are focused around our clients, each project is unique in its design style, our studio doesn’t have a set style or colour palette that gets repeated what we do have is a well run back end system that takes all of our projects through from start to finish. We are interested in creating your finished home and how we can there have been meticulously well thought out.

We monitor every part of the project through from concept to procurement to snagging allowing our clients to enjoy the fun part of the project without worrying later if they made the right choices.

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The Leather Market, LM11.G.2, 11-13 Weston St, London, SE1 3ER

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